About Michael Stein
Michael Stein was born and raised in Encino California.
Michael wanted to be an actor and film maker since he was a child when he first saw Jackie Gleason in “Smokey and the Bandit”. In order to pay for his acting education, he became a physical fitness trainer when he was 16 years old.
After Michael graduated high school he had no interest in going to college but he attended community college and took classes in three subjects that interested him, psychology, business and acting. During the same period Michael performed as a comedian in Los Angeles, appearing at the, Comedy Store, Laugh factory, L.A. Cabaret, and the Improv. In between school and performing he started a phone sales company offering various tools called “All American Industrial Freight”.
Being 18 years old and sitting in a chair all day became challenging for Michael so he decided to start a nightclub promotion business. Within six months he became known as the leading nightclub promoter of the “young Hollywood scene” with his club called “Off The Wall”. At the same time Michael organized and produced movie premiere promotions working closely with Guber Peters Productions and Rob Friedman, while continuing his acting and film making aspirations. Wanting to take his film making and acting to the next level, Michael left his lucrative promotion business to become a full time production assistant in order to learn how to become a film maker. Stein worked on commercials, music videos and films with directors such as, Zack Snyder, David Dobkin, Tony Kaye, Dave Ramser, and Spike Jonez and many others.
After several years of production work, Michael decided to write, direct and produce a thirty minute dramatic short film, “Rituals and Resolutions”. The film was very successful and was acquired and distributed by HBO films.
Due to the success of “Rituals and Resolutions” Michael met with scores of film companies with the interest of producing one of Michael’s many other screenplays. After nearly two years of funding back outs, the changing of film company presidents and other types of “development issues”, Michael decided to make his own feature film. The only problem he had at this point was he did not have any funding.
In 1999 while living pay check to pay check, still working as a production assistant, Michael decided to be an entrepreneur once again and started his own company, selling the very pop up tents that he was setting up as a production assistant. With $170 in his bank account and a computer, he started two web based companies out of his 800 sq foot rented home. The company generated a seven figure income within six months and Michael was on his way.
Michael wrote, directed, produced and starred in “Love Hollywood Style”. His esoteric comedy and awkward depiction of Hollywood had an eclectic cast, starring Faye Dunaway, Andy Dick, Coolio and Stephen Tobolowsky. Love Hollywood Style won many awards and was a good earner with Domestic sales by independent film standards.
Michael continued to expand and in 2002 he renamed the company Abadak. Abadak is an acronym standing for “A better atmosphere dedicating all kind”. Abadak Inc. has grown into one of North America’s largest distributors for the types products it offers. Abadak Inc. manufactures and distributes its own unique brand of products.
Today Michael Stein continues to expand Abadak and its products into a global brand with an emphasis of being a philanthropic company that supports causes like poverty and education with programs like Tarps across America, Canopies for Kids and the Happy Buddies Foundation.

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